i believe in  stolen glances and  fleeting caresses-  momentary sparks just enough to  rile up the electricity  between you and me Advertisements


it’s been years now  since you turned around; made the world  a conquest to find the ultimate oyster and bequeath unto yourself that radiant pearl, having ventured across the seas to find where exactly it was within you for all those years of hurt and ache dulled your lustrous beauty as you drifted, closer and…

A Stroll Down Memory Lane 

Daily Prompt: Amble “I’m so sorry!”, I exclaimed as I bumped into a sweet old man wondering why my eyes were so fixed on the little cobbled path we were walking on, rather than being trained in front me. As I ambled across this road I seemed to fall into a sort of trance, my head…


i see you with your filthy gaze your perverted eye-licks up and down my body  groping, somehow,  whilst standing a couple hundred feet away  i hear you loud and clear with your cheap innuendos- buried in “sugar” doused in “honey”- and as for ballads? no, your shrill whistle is music enough  i feel you  begin…


she would not approve  of this pull  between you and me  yet i am not strong enough to  resist this attraction  and neither are you ~


via Daily Prompt: Volume Volume her voluminous curves did nothing to fill the emptiness within


in a world of earthlings who stoop so low i see you saunter ahead with your head held high the grace in your tread a confounding sight to see the same legs that glide so swiftly now were crippled, mangled from being slashed at the knee one too many a time while you were lost…


grazed knees and calloused feet from treading on glass being tripped by knots and stones- a small price to pay to get a better look at my temptress   my coquette lead me to purgatory burn brighter than the towers of flame we walk through; let my sizzling blood be the music we dance to;…


Run away  To sunny days and bright skies To a brand new labyrinth of streets and  Unfamiliar eyes Pour your heart into quaint houses and  Beautiful women who walk down the street Feast yourself my dear –  Devour what’s in front of you till you burst and do it all over again  Scars like these…


Bring some color into my empty eyes A vermillion shade I crave Bring some feeling into my numb hands  Welcome would be pain Just end this torture of plain existence  Where I die a little more with every beat of this fucking heart.  //3:04 am


via Daily Prompt: Unmoored   so much to lose from letting these feelings go, Unmoored bovine to the futility of trying to hold on to an anchor when the ship is long gone.


via Daily Prompt: Maze   all our lives we run away from a sea of chaos only to dive off a cliff into another one; trying to pave a way through this labyrinth only to find ourselves in the middle with no way out drowning, gasping for air caught in the clutches of Pandemonium’s lair  …