the idyllic instant

//3am: the golden hour windows down, music of the 00’s, comfortable silence amongst the awake and the asleep as we drive on until we find the sun.


I open my eyes To meet solemn skies Mimicking those of Athena, in its musky tones of Silvery slate Brimming with electricity Commanding the elements with its Formidable call Ready to storm through the infinite battlefield before it Annihilating all in its wake Leaving its remains more alive, Rejuvenated, Than they had ever been.


I lie down Eyes closed but Awake, waiting for Morpheus to escort me to a new tornado; Meanwhile, finding myself propped in the eye of another Watching swirls of black and white suck me in. I open my eyes To loopy scrawlings of an eight year old Evaluating everything, from empty sheets to twisted trees…


a fishnet of frantic attempts to kiss me or to just be held bask in the warmth of our content bodies cuddled together forms my only tattoo, spreading across my ankle it remains my most precious accessory my comfort, as i stroke it gently absent-mindedly: all that is left with me, along with a wooden…


I can’t find the right filter for my photo Surely my jubilant eyes weren’t This deep set- My hazel hues somehow dulled down to an Insipid mocha. Round, luscious lips -or so I thought- Meant to tempt, provoke even Sorely lacking in their flamboyance. My skin, my moon-like skin Is “blemish” really turned up all…

if i wake up mute

I can’t speak, or Yell in frustration to ears sown shut To tenderness alike //obstinacy is a powerful reflector However shall I squeeze myself into that waiting grave when I’ve been Robbed of my faculties to Lay myself bare, vulnerable to rejection and Unreciprocation- Barren nirvana is the only song I sing But the greatest…

if i wake up blind

–1 hour later- i teeter and hobble across narrow hallways nearly alive, with shadows dancing -or so i think- for what were mere speckles of black have now become my canvas- my Starry Night what should have been a wonderful sight except the orbs don’t seem to shine for me -well at least not tonight-…


tired of waiting  for you to break my heart so that i can begin to fix it  –yearning


i believe in  stolen glances and  fleeting caresses-  momentary sparks just enough to  rile up the electricity  between you and me