Spread your wings 

There now, little girl, don’t cry

They may not see it but I

Sense that little flutter-

Your wings straining to be set free

To soar the ethereal and boundless skies.


It would be an exquisite moment, of

Unbridled joy, as your hair dances to the tunes of the winds,

To hear nothing but the pounding of your heart, wanting more more MORE

To see seamless beauty all around you-

A world teeming with ideas for you to develop,

Experiences for you to delve into.


But in this town of emus and auks

How dare you try and use those wings?

How dare you try to look above us?


There now, little girl,  don’t cry

Let me take you to the magical city of Fantasy,

Where you can unleash the majestic Eagle within

And no one will say a word.


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