The Masterpiece of Dusk

I look outside and see
The traces of gold woven into the navy skies with swirls of red 

The sky a canvas where the sun has bled 

One last gift and then away he heads.

I let my eyes linger on the long, dancing shadows
Of coral and kumquat people, ravishing, 

For their flaws and sorrows are hiding

Behind the light retroceding

And in that exquisite moment I decide that world has never been more serene. 

As I take in this alluring scenery before me

Something catches my eye 

No, someone 

He seems to be kissing the earth, and to become one with it he seems to try 

His limbs spread in fervor, perhaps in an attempt to contribute to the masterpiece of Dusk, 

Or replicate it, for crimson tendrils wind themselves around the indigo and apricot backdrop here too 

Either way, his limp stature and dynamic streams of red seem to blend right in to the darkening sidewalk

His goal accomplished. 
And then the light is gone, taking everything away with it into the realms of darkness. 


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