i see you

with your filthy gaze

your perverted eye-licks

up and down my body 

groping, somehow, 

whilst standing a couple hundred feet away 

i hear you

loud and clear

with your cheap innuendos-

buried in “sugar”

doused in “honey”-

and as for ballads? no, your shrill whistle is music enough 

i feel you 

begin to approach as i try 

to keep my steely stare 

fixed upon the street 

propelling my legs forward, faster, faster, faster 

only you 

can justify your sorry state of being saying 

attention is all i want 

-somebody give me a goddamn laurel-

and i seem to have gotten yours 

no, sorry, 

achieved yours 

lucky me, 
i get to be your newest toy! 

only you

can violate me, harass me, shame me, abuse me, 

and make it my fault 

(i mean, i was asking for it!) 

and absolve your pathetic self 

of any wrongdoing

(after all, you were only doing what i asked for, you good samaritan) 
to you i promise

you will burn. 


you will cry, your throat on fire 

-now this is music-

your entire goddamn self ablaze 

what a wonderful sight-

you will see me 

adding fuel to the flames 

my smile growing wider and wider 

the closer you get 

to flickering out. 


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